Which CSCS Courses are required in Construction?

2020-08-31 06:43:06 -0400
The most important factor in the construction sector in the UK is CSCS course and card, this allows tradesmen or labourer to get access at any construction site without hassle, with this card you get an authority to work, which proofs you to be a certified tradesman with complete skill and qualifications required for construction work. The CITB is the organization which conducts health, safety, and environment test every year to impart complete knowledge and make tradesmen competent and trained for the job to make tradesmen risk free.

To apply green labour card which enables tradesmen to work for any construction site, they need to book a test and prepare for health and safety course there are two types of course which a candidate can apply:-

Level 1 award course is also a one day test that helps tradesmen to get green labour card to work within the construction industry, this course gets tradesmen lifetime validity to work at any construction sector which goes lifetime until he chooses to drop to work in the construction industry. This Level 1 award training helps tradesmen to get complete skills and training for the job including health and safety parameters which is compulsory for this sector.

HSA or Health and safety awareness course is the one day test which also allows tradesmen to work for the construction industry, after completing this HSA a candidate will get a green labour card which has a validity of 5 years to work within the construction industry.

NVQ (National vocational qualification) is the course which is also required for tradesmen to work for any construction industry after doing this qualification tradesmen has to demonstrate the quality and competence of the job which he has learned at the time of training this qualification is mandatory which covers all the parameter of health and safety the foremost part of the construction sector.

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